Join our MustaeV team of Makeup Artists and enjoy a special members-only
discount on all MustaeV products purchased for professional use.


MustaeV is a cosmetic brand made by Makeup Artists for both the professional and the everyday you.
The MustaeV Pro program is created to support artists like you, the beauty obsessed and industry professionals.

Who can apply for our Pro Program:

• Qualified Makeup Artists
• Stylists
• Nail Technicians
• Models
• Photographers
• Beauty Students
• Estheticians
• Cosmetologists
• On-Air Performers
• Industry Professionals

To apply:

When registering please provide a scanned copy of two of the following credentials:  Professional License (e.g. cosmetology or esthetician license; not a driver’s license), website, diploma, union card, TPG Pro Member card, business card with name and specific profession, composite card or tear sheet (with printed name credit) along with a copy of your driver’s license.

Students send us proof of your enrollment at your current school along with a scanned copy of your driver’s license.

Every MustaeV Pro member receives:

• 30% discount on all MustaeV products purchased for professional use.
• Dedicated MustaeV Pro Artist alerts for shows and new trends.
• News and tips by top Makeup Artists as part of our Makeup Artist of the Month program.