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  • $1.00

    The MustaeV brush head protector is the perfect tool to protect your brushes from deformation of the bristles and contamination between cleanings. When traveling or in between uses, simply glide the protector over the brushes to shield the hairs from external damage. Keep your brushes in top shape to prevent any damage that may affect the application.

  • $60.00

    MustaeV’s Performance Brush Belt is designed to store brushes, various products, pencils and business cards. The portable pouch is convenient when traveling, keeping the makeup and tools organized in between uses.

  • $30.00

    The Bloom Pouch from MustaeV is designed to fit several brushes and pencils, for either a standing holder, or zipped bag for transportation. The pouch will protect the brushes from damage and keep them in tip top shape.

  • $30.00

    The Black Black Brush Pouch from MustaeV is designed to store various brushes and pencils. The large pockets easily hold long-handled brushes to protect and prevent any bristle damage. The portable pouch is convenient for travel and transportation along with keeping items organized in between uses.

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