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  • $25.50

    The Kowonhye Portable Lip Brush is designed to make touching up lipstick throughout the day and portability convenient. It features a hair bundle made with deluxe soft, elastic Taklon specially created for the use of cream and liquid products due to its sleekness and elasticity.

  • $30.00

    The Kowonhye Lip Sable Brush is designed to apply color to the lips effortlessly and keep the contours of the lips neatly shaped during application. It features a hair bundle made with premium grade soft, elastic, luxurious sable hair because of its’ resilient, absorbent, and exceptional color application qualities.

  • $28.00

    This lip brush is made of deluxe soft, elastic Taklon and keeps the contours of the lips neatly shaped. It is useful when highlighting precise lip angles or filling in dense color. The unique, shape allows for an accurate and defined application that is effortless.

  • $17.00

    This product is perfect for intensifying and defining the proportions of the lips. It serves as a tool for outlining, as well as filling the color across the lip area. The flat edge allows for an easy and accurate application.Color : SO PINK, THE CHOCOLATE

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