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  • $15.00

    A round shaped brush that is perfect for creating a winged liner. Dip it in gel or liquid with a hint of moisture to fulfill the desired dramatic eye.Color : SO PINK, THE CHOCOLATE

  • $33.00

    This product contains goat hairs for a loose, and sheer finish. It is perfect for applying your foundation, or loose powders. It works well with pearl like textures for radiant, streak-free results.  Color : SO PINK, THE CHOCOLATE

  • $9.00

    This product is designed to create the perfect brows and lashes. Comb through the hairs before applying the product for a separated and fuller look.Color : SO PINK, THE CHOCOLATE

  • $17.00

    Use this product for an intense color finish. It is perfect for blending together the eye shadow colors, and smudging the already created eyeliner. The natural hairs give a subtle look, whilst being easy to use. Color  : SO PINK, THE CHOCOLATE

  • $25.00

    The round and wide shaped brush calls for an easy application of blushes. It gives a natural and effortless finish to the cheekbone areaColor :  SO PINK, THE CHOCOLATE

  • $17.00

    The square shaped brush gives certain ease when brushing the shadow across the lid. The medium size structure is good for blending small to medium areas around the lids.Color : SO PINK, THE CHOCOLATE

  • $17.00

    This product is perfect for intensifying and defining the proportions of the lips. It serves as a tool for outlining, as well as filling the color across the lip area. The flat edge allows for an easy and accurate application.Color : SO PINK, THE CHOCOLATE

  • $18.00

    A spray brush cleaner for a quick, convenient cleansing. MustaeV Brush Cleaner Spray removes makeup debris and bacteria along with protecting and conditioning the brush hairs.

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