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  • $44.50

    The Kowonhye Cheek Brush features a flat shaped hair bundle that allows color to be blended on the skin with ease. The hair bundle is made with soft, premium quality natural hair that feels luxurious and is perfect for blending colors on the skin

  • $67.00

    The Kowonhye Shading Brush is designed to fit the contours and crevices of the face which allow control for effortless shading. It features a hair bundle made with soft, premium quality natural hair for applying powder products. It provides a luxurious feel, excellent powder pick-up power and color payoff for an effortless application.

  • $35.00

    The Kowonhye Medium Shadow Brush size and shape makes it perfect for highlighting or applying an intense vivid hue to the eyes. It features a hair bundle made with premium quality natural hair that feels luxurious and provides an exceptional color payoff for a gorgeous application. 

  • $25.50

    This brush is made of soft, deluxe Taklon and its size and shape easily allows you to cover small imperfections. Not only is it effective at covering small imperfections, but it can also be used to apply liquid or gel liner.

  • $36.50

    A flat, small round shaped brush made of soft, elastic Taklon. This brush is perfect for applying liquid or cream products to the face and covering imperfections.

  • $44.50

    The hair bundle is made with deluxe soft, elastic Taklon specially designed for the use of cream and liquid products due to its sleekness and elasticity. A superior foundation brush that allows for a natural application and does not stiffen with extended use. 

  • $95.00

    A multi-use brush made of soft, luxurious, natural hair that is generally used for applying blush, powder and highlighter effortlessly.

  • $44.50

    A brush made of soft, deluxe hair ideal for highlighting or contouring. It is perfect for a precise and detailed application due to the angled shape.

  • $50.00

    A blush brush made of soft, deluxe natural hair that provides luxuriously soft bristles and delivers a smooth and even blush application. 

  • $72.00

    A large powder brush made of soft, deluxe hair that sweeps all types of loose powder, pressed powder or bronzer evenly on the entire face.

  • $28.00

    This lip brush is made of deluxe soft, elastic Taklon and keeps the contours of the lips neatly shaped. It is useful when highlighting precise lip angles or filling in dense color. The unique, shape allows for an accurate and defined application that is effortless.

  • $28.00

    Perfect for shaping the brow and brushing product through the brow for a soft natural look.  The stainless steel comb is good for combing the contours of the eyelashes and makes it effortless to remove clumpy mascara.

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