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  • $1.00

    The MustaeV brush head protector is the perfect tool to protect your brushes from deformation of the bristles and contamination between cleanings. When traveling or in between uses, simply glide the protector over the brushes to shield the hairs from external damage. Keep your brushes in top shape to prevent any damage that may affect the application.

  • $15.00

    The MustaeV empty shadow pro palette offers the individualist to customize the perfect eye shadow palette. From our 56 single shadows, one can choose 15 of their favorite colors, and get the ultimate tool for any look. Go from naturally nude to a dark and smoky eye, in one single container.   

  • $5.00

    The MustaeV quad shadow palette invites you to customize four of your own personal favorites from the 56 single shadows, all into one palette. 

  • $8.00

    The MustaeV powder puff is a tool used to seamlessly perfect the skin. The 100% high-grade villus delivers the particles from the powder to the skin with ease. The puff is soft and gentle, created as an absorbent to attract oils and excess powder. 

  • $10.00

    The MustaeV makeup sponge, containing four individual pieces, has an elastic and dense consistency for a flexible applicator tool. The elasticity helps the sponge access all areas around the face, for a smooth and even finish.

  • $15.00

    The MustaeV eyelash curler is a product created to provide you with the ultimate curl for extraordinary, high impact lashes. The tool bends the lashes in a manner where the lashes will reflect a natural bend before coating them with mascara. This tool will make the eyes look more open and awake.

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