When did you develop an interest in makeup? I’ve always been fascinated with Beauty and Fashion but I was too shy to wear anything. The most Makeup I’d wear during my early twenties was probably Mascara.  I didn’t fully gain interest in makeup until I was 25.
What inspired you to begin blogging? I honestly don’t remember.  Regardless, I’m glad I started.
What is your favorite beauty product right now?  My favorite product at the moment is Embryolisse's "Secret de Maquileurs".   This little gem is a cooling and moisturizing eye balm.  It can be applied under or on top of makeup for an instant hydration booster. Having dry dehydrated skin, this product is a huge help!
What beauty product could you not live without? Sheet Masks!  This past year my skin has become dry and textured.  It really taught me not to take my skin for granted.  Your skin's health really makes a difference on the appearance of your foundation.  Before, I could try anything, regardless of quality and my skin looked great.  Now, I’ve realized foundation formulas are not all made the same. A good sheet mask can restore moisture and balance, which is important.  Let's face it; sheet masks are also fast and convenient.
If you’re in a rush and only have time to do either eyes or lips, which would you choose? If I were in a rush, I’d probably really forget to do either options but if I had to choose I’d say eyes.  I have horrible sleeping habits so I need to always use concealer.  With a quick swipe of MustaeV's mascara and I'm good to go.  There's no real need to put anything else on.
What is your favorite MustaeV product, and why? This is a hard one.  I first fell in love with the foundation.  To be honest, I’m almost done with my second bottle. There’s just something magical when skin looks like real skin - while still providing coverage.  After trying the foundation I put aside my Dior foundation.  I also love the Blush in "odd pink" since it gives my skin a natural glow for within.
What do you look for when buying makeup? I look for quality as opposed to packaging.  Being a beauty blogger doesn’t mean I don’t love good packaging but its easy to fall victim of purchasing something because it looks trendy or cute.  Makeup should be fun and it’s fun to see brands make products with adorable packaging.  But over the years I’ve learned we as consumers only focus on the packaging and forget to purchase items based on quality.   I want makeup that looks just as flattering on my face as it does in its pretty pink box.
Do you have a beauty hack or makeup rule that you live by?  Always clean / wash your face! There's no substitute for washing your face with a cleanser.  For a while I was using a combination of face wipes and Micellar Water to remove my makeup.  It wasn’t until I used a cleanser and face brush that I noticed my skin still had foundation.  It was pretty disgusting.  My latest beauty ritual after I wash my face is splashing ice water and Witch Hazel.
What makeup trend do you love at the moment? Glowy, healthy skin.  These passed three years we’ve seen Instagram dominate the makeup world and it’s refreshing to see a small shift away from drag makeup.  Don’t get me wrong, the style looks stunning, but it’s also a lot of time and hard work.  Seeing editorial makeup trickle down onto Instagram where skin look like real skin is trend I hope gains momentum.
Brows on fleek or au naturel? Definitely au naturel.  Well, a mixture of the two.  I love to fill in my eyebrows with MustaeV’s “Silky Sketch Brow Pencil”.  When I first saw it, I was intimidated.  I would have never thought a wooden pencil could give me the same effect if not better than the ABH browiz.  Boy was I wrong!  The Silky Sketch Brow Pencil gives my brows the perfect amount of dimension without looking carved out.
If you were traveling and could only bring three beauty products, what would you bring?OMG, concealer for my horrible under eyes, MustaeV's Mascara and a Blush for my cheeks and lips.  I'm pale so my complexion needs some help.  I love applying Blush to my cheeks and lips. There's just something about a fresh monochromatic look.
Any final words or favorite quote for our readers? Never compare yourself to others.  It’s an easy rabbit hole in the beauty community.  Everyone is beautiful and never let anyone tell you otherwise.  Be confident and believe in yourself.