Meet Artist Lorcan Devaney

How did your career begin in the world of makeup? Well let me start off by saying what an honor it is to be featured by MustaeV USA as an artist of the month. I'm a huge fan of the brand and to even be considered for this is an incredible thing.

I kind of fell into makeup in a weird way, almost starting backwards really. I was unemployed for a bit after leaving a Lush store. I got bored at home and started playing with a few makeup products I picked up. Eyeliner and some shadows a friend gave me. I didn't know anything about what I was doing, I just wanted to create weird, otherworldly looks and images. I would take songs I liked and turn them into a makeup, which I'd then post online. After a few of these, a band I love, Le Galaxie, approached me to do a music video for them. It was such a daunting thing, but I couldn't pass it up. So, having never put makeup on anyone but myself, I said yes. It was an incredible experience and I decided that this was what I wanted to do with my life. I focused on working on skill set and I became a retail artist in Charlotte Tilbury. Coming from my more dramatic work, I learned a lot in there about beauty.

I've been very lucky in my path. My icons and heroes have become my best friends and sometimes I feel I have to stop to take in how fortunate I've been over the past few years.

What is your inspiration for the makeup looks you create? Music is my greatest and most constant driving force. When I started playing with makeup, I'd focus on a track I loved, the sounds of instruments, the mood of an album and how I could visually represent that. I'll still go back to that sometimes and creating that kind of visual is often when I'm happiest. I love working with musicians and bands as I'll get to hear their music and then create a look for them that will tie into their sound. I find inspiration in who they are and what they want to say. This tends to bleed into my beauty or editorial work, I'll always reference a song if I'm describing a look or a vibe to whoever I'm working with.

I tend not to look to other make up artist for inspiration, past or present. I feel that once I see something then I don't want to do it because it's done. Even if I'm taking a concept or adapting it, it doesn't feel like it's my place to do that. So I love looking at artists who work with other mediums. Russell Mills is a favorite of mine. His use of texture and the feel of his paintings really hits me.

What is your favorite beauty product to work with? 
Oh god, that changes all the time! I'm a huge fan of new products so I'm always excited about new things. I'm obsessed with Danessa Myricks Colorfix right now. It's a longwearing cream color that can be used anywhere and it comes in the most beautiful shades you've ever seen. I spread it on my toast in the morning. Can't get enough!

What is your favorite MustaeV product to work with? I ADORE the Mood Therapy Masks. Skin care is so important and those masks not only work incredibly well for making the skin look and feel great but also adding another level of care for clients or even yourself after a long day. I'm mega into the Poppin Red eyeshadow too. That all over the lid and smudged underneath paired with a red liner in the waterline is one of my favorite looks to bring impact and drama instantly.

Do you have any tips to create the perfect red lips? Don't overthink it. Playing with shape and texture are some of the best ways to find something beautiful and new. Using a lip liner in a different tone or shade as the lipstick is a great way of adapting the color of a red lip for the wearer, don't get hung up on getting the most perfect crisp line in the world. If you're having a good time, it's not going to last anyway!

Do you have any tips for longer thicker lashes? Mascara is all about the application method and tool used to apply it. Though the product itself plays a part, a lot of the impact comes down to how you work with it. I like to use a wand with shorter bristles so I can get deep into the root of the lash, then carrying the mascara though to the tip, ensuring each lash is coated before using the tip of the wand to separate the lashes for maximum impact.

Nude lips and dark eyes or nude eyes and dark lips? It depends on the situation but I do love a darker more dramatic eye. I feel the eyes hold more power, more emotion and feeling, so I like the focus to be there. That doesn't necessarily mean dark eyes as such, but I do love to draw the eye... to the eye, I guess!

What is your secret to long lasting makeup and keeping makeup camera ready for extended periods of time? Working on bands for music videos and live performances, I actually used to use hairspray sometimes to set a look! It's an old drag trick, but now, through the advice of mentors, I've become a little more sophisticated. One of my mentors and best friends James Vincent swears by putting a few drops of Make Up For Ever's Aqua Seal through an airbrush to waterproof a look so that's become one of my go to's!

How do you create the perfect flush of color on the cheeks for a natural look? I love working with creams to create a natural warmth. Even a lipstick or liquid lip faded onto the cheek with the pad of your thumb is a beautiful way to bring that bit of life back to the complexion.

Do you have any tricks on how to apply the perfect winged liner? I like to work on the eye that I find easier first, then pray to whatever higher power I believe in and go outside for a valium. I'm joking of course, but the perfect winged liner really is something that comes with practice. I usually like to use a kohl liner to line along the base of the lashes and get the rough shape I want to go for. Then use a graphic pen to finess the line. Doing the tight line (or upper waterline) is vital. I think it subtly adds that extra bit of impact to a liner look.

Do you have a makeup rule that you live by? Honestly, not really. I go a lot on instinct when it comes to creating a look or working with a client, there are no hard rules I follow. If there was something it'd be to stick to hygiene. Having clean brushes, products and a tidy setup helps me function. Nothing turns me off more than seeing someone start applying product with unclean brushes.

What are the secrets of creating glowing, healthy-looking skin? Don't underestimate skincare. If you have a client that doesn't take care of their skin with a good skin care routine, giving them that glowing complexion can be difficult. In every application, I like to use a good moisturizer like Embryolisse Lait Creme or Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream mixed with an illumanator and then follow that up with a sheer foundation, unless the clients skin is troubled, I like their own skin to be as visible as possible. Working with creams rather than powders is a good way to keep that skin glowing.

Do you have any advice on how to create the “No Makeup” makeup look? Again, skincare is key and having that skin routine in place will allow for a less heavy hand required in terms of complexion. A lighter foundation or even a fuller coverage sheered down with a moisturizer is my preferred route of achieving a softer look. I'm not a fan of powders and I much prefer using a setting spray instead to keep that natural glow on the skin.

Can you share with us a make-up tip that never fails? Keep it simple. A smudgey black or deep chocolate liner always works. Same with shadows, I love a color block of one shade all over the lid buffed into the crease, effortless and versatile.

Any final words or favorite quote for our readers? Look outside social media for your inspiration. Go to bands you've never heard of. Go to museums and galleries. You'd be surprised where inspiration can come from. Do what scares you the most.