// Model // Singer // Songwriter

Amanda Kongshaug, the model, singer and songwriter seated neatly down on the couch, guitar in hand, as we walked into the apartment on Mercer. As our photographer was snapping pictures of her in her natural element, she began playing tunes and allowed the room to be filled with her voice and the strings of the guitar.

The tall, blond, Swedish young beauty is the perfect addition to the MustaeV Be Yourself stories. As Amanda moved to New York to pursue a career as an artist, all the while modeling on the side, there is no need to underline the importance of owning charisma and confidence to make it in the big city. She is the perfect example of believing in yourself and the talent that you own.

When do you feel most like yourself? In a city like New York, variety is key. There is so much to do, so much to see and experience- and you can choose whether or not you want “in” or “out”. I feel like myself every so often, when I am doing different things, and filling my calendar with social events. But the times that I cherish the most is being around great people, my people, and listening to music. Also, whenever I can be around talented artists and create tunes that allow us all to really feel the magic- are probably my favorite moments of all. That is soulful serenity at its best!

Any specific beauty hacks that you live by? Some people have makeup hacks and tricks that will transform your life in some ways. Mine is about staying healthy- drinking water, eating right and working out. Being physically active allows your body to get rid of any toxins, which will result in your skin looking flawless, refreshed and clear. At the same time, your body will gain more energy, which then allows you to excel in your everyday life. I think this is especially paramount when living in a city like New York. When working out, your body creates endorphins, which makes you happier. Who doesn’t want that?

How has your line of work affected how you feel more like yourself? Modeling has definitely boosted my confidence, I mean, how can it not? You see the best sides of yourself; however, sometimes it can also make you feel worse. When being around in that environment, you start comparing yourself to everyone else. That is when you have to remember that imperfections are what makes you unique, and yourself. It makes you stand out and be different, and in a good way. Beauty should not have a certain criteria, because everyone is diverse, and the sooner you start living by that example the happier you will be. Once you can accept the fact that what makes you unique, also makes you beautiful, you can accentuate your best features, rather than hiding what you don’t like. That is how you will gain more confidence, and confidence is key.

 Has your lifestyle affected how you do your makeup? I am all for the natural, “no makeup” makeup look even on stage. I wouldn’t necessarily say that my lifestyle has changed that in any way; however, living in Manhattan with its high paced life and pulsating atmosphere, it has definitely given me more room to be bold and creative in my everyday makeup routine. The liquid eyeliner is my go-to tool, as I love the cat eye and dramatic look. Whenever I want to switch things up, different variations in lip colors are my confidant that's why I love the MustaeV Lip Palette.

Do you have any specific products that you swear by ? My absolute must have product is the MustaeV Lustrous Cream Base. My Swedish roots has given me fair skin, but definitely love the glow. Besides this, living the lifestyle that I do, concealer is my best friend. It covers up late nights and lack of coffee. For my everyday look, I also add the loose powder and blush, as I definitely could not live without it.

Does makeup play a factor involved in how you feel confident? Oh, makeup definitely plays an important role in how confident I feel. I wish I could say that it didn’t, but then again, I don’t know how many women out there would say that they don’t feel more confident with it. It accentuates my features, and makes my all-over appearance look more enticing in a way. I am not the kind of person who cannot go out of the house without anything on, by all means, I often do. Makeup is just that kind of a necessity for women, which can boost their confidence if they so choose to let it. I use it as a way to feel more comfortable, and happy in a sense. Sometimes I allow myself to spend more than three minutes applying it, just to make sure I look even more presentable.



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