Meet Artist Jennifer McCarthy Norton

How did your career begin in the world of makeup? I would have to say it started as a teenager, in high school. It sounds funny but I was the girl everyone would come to and ask "Can you do my makeup + hair before we go out?" I really didn't start my career until 2003, where we opened the first Bobbi Brown Counter in my area and thus starting my long career with the Estée Lauder family. I have worked for many brands thru the years MAC, NARS, & Laura Mercier to name a few, but found something so wonderful about working for the Bobbi brand that really focused on women and making them feel great wether they wore a lot or minimal makeup. I've been doing makeup now for over 17 years and have a very successful bridal business for the last 16 years. I now focus more of my time on commercial, fashion and consulting for companies that want to grow in the makeup industry.
What is your inspiration for the makeup looks you create? Dewey, radiant, luminesce skin inspires me. Depending on the job, I execute my looks based on the needs of the client, but love the cleaner looks that are out now.
Do you have any tips to create the perfect red lips? It's all about the prep with the RED lip. It is so important to exfoliate the lips before you start. You have to have the perfect palette to place this color on, so it looks beautiful. I love prepping the skin with Sonia Roselli's Sex Appeal exfoliating spray.
What current makeup trends do you love at the moment? Loving the "Non touring" trend happening now, I love to sculpt the face with light rather than dark!! Also, I love the stamping trend using the hands as your applicator as opposed to the brushes.
What is your favorite beauty product to work with? Right now my favorite product to work with is Airflash by DIOR and MustaeV Lustrous Cream Base!
What is your favorite MustaeV product to work with? Not to sound like a broken record but the MustaeV Lustrous Cream Base is my absolute must! It just gives the skin an extra boost of radiance and I love the way it looks in photos. I cannot live without this product!
Do you have any tips for longer thicker lashes? I love using two different types of mascara to achieve a darker thicker lash. Layering MustaeV Maxi Volume Mascara with Dior Show for me creates the most beautiful lashes.
Nude lips and dark eyes or nude eyes and dark lips? I'm really feeling the nude eyes dark lips trend, it's so beautiful! With the right lip color it can add the most beautiful brightness to the face.
What is your secret to long lasting makeup and keeping makeup camera ready for an extended period of time? I try to hone in on products that are waterproof for longevity, and finish looks with MustaeV's Silky Cotton Loose Powder.
How do you create the perfect flush of color on the cheeks for a natural look? I love to start by under lighting the skin using my MustaeV Lustrous Cream Base with Cheeky Chic blush before I actually work the foundation into the skin is my way of getting that fresh look.
Do you have any tricks on how to apply the perfect winged liner? For the perfect wing, a thin liner brush that is tapered is perfect for application. Using MustaeV Catwalk Gel Liner is a great gel liner and layered with Make Up Forever Graphic Liner is a win for the perfect application.
Do you have a makeup rule that you live by? Being authentic! It's important to be your own artist and not try to copy others. If you are true to yourself, you are going to bring something to the table that no one else can!
What are the secrets of creating glowing, healthy looking skin? Glowing healthy skin really does start from within, a great diet and water but good skin prep will make most tired skin look glowing and fresh! Hydrating and toning the skin using a face oil. All of these can create the perfect base for a beautiful make up application! RMS Beauty Oil is great for that pick me up.
Do you have any advice on how to create the "no makeup" makeup look? Less is more in the case of creating clean skin looks. Using the warmth of your hands to apply foundations gives a more natural no makeup look, along with mixing primers into foundation to create a no makeup look. Can you share with us a makeup tip that never fails? I think it all goes back to symmetry, making a face symmetrical is always beautiful.
Any final words or favorite quote for our readers? I'd love to leave you with this final thought, a quote from one of my favorites! "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment" - Ralph Waldo Emerson