//Stylist // Mother // Wife

We had the chance to peep into the world of Cherish Cullison, stylist and mother to August , on a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon.

While multitasking by being an established stylist,  wife to a Jazz musician and mother to a two year-old boy, there is just not enough time to really experiment and play with her makeup.

Unique, politically correct, chic and outstanding partner and mom, the tribute to this world has already been made. The question that remains, is what the “contemporary” woman can do to stay beautiful and take care of herself in the fast lane?

Her space and life could easily become the canvas of a lifestyle platform and a premise for a narrative on family wellness. The idea of tranquility and moderation with a refined aesthetic guides us to an internal calmness and invites us to become even more creative than we had already planned.

With a full line up of MustaeV products, the concept was to show Cherish a day and an evening makeup look and help her achieve her #beyourself looks, based on her natural colors, in a blitz.

Being a stylist, she immediately understood that the simplicity around the ethics of MustaeV, is to make the everyday woman the artist of her own skin.

Together with Francesca, our makeup artist, they developed a color that complimented Cherish’ s skin and her choice of styling for the shoot.

With styling by Cherish and makeup by Mustaev, one can't go wrong, so we let Cherish guide our lens to discover the interesting space in her environment of books, instruments, turn tables vinyls, toys and unique decorative details.

Have you heard of the saying “Makeup is only supposed to take three minutes”? Do you live by this statement? Yes,  I have, but I don’t think I have found the way. It’s a hard balance being a professional and a mother. I have not really been using makeup, for a long time. The result is an empty boudoir and this is why I am very happy you are here to teach me a couple of fast and easy makeup tricks and tips.

Even though you do not use much makeup, every woman has a beauty trick. Whats yours? I guess staying healthy eating well and hydrating yourself plays an important role. I also believe that beauty is a state of mind and our face is the display of our emotions. So staying happy and doing things that rejoice me I believe will always keep me fresh. I like staying natural and believe that one should feel elevated when adding makeup. What we have achieved with Mustaev today and thank you all for coming, was fresh and felt great on my face and skin. Francesca, gave me the extra shine I needed with just some products and few easy tips and made me rethink and re-evaluate makeup over all.

When do you feel more at most like yourself? I find myself at ease and I am content when I am usually around family and friends. I love to have people over and curate dinners with Gab, who besides being a great dad husband and musician, is also a brilliant cook. We used to go out a lot, so makeup was key, but with little August the last two years we have become more domesticated. Its great though that we came up with two "Cherish" looks so that I can create them when I am on set or with friends when we have dinners at our place.

What makeup item do you think is a must to have? Being a woman and a stylist I believe that every woman must have her own lipstick. With MustaeV lip palette, I can make my own shade and color. There is nothing more exciting and unique than that! I also fell in love with the eye shadows and realized that a bit of silver for the day and gold for the night could really lighten me up. I am marrying both looks.


An easy day makeup look for the busy everyday you with the use of essential MustaeV products
  • $13.00

    Eyebrows help shape and define the face. The Silky Sketch Brow Pencil is a tool to help outline and fill in the brows for a picture-perfect finish. Use it as a way to enhance the natural shape of your brow, creating a well-groomed and polished look.

  • $18.00

    This product is designed for creating long luminous lashes with a long lasting effect. The slim brush help curl the lashes while applying the product for a rich and voluminous finish without clumping.

  • $18.00

    The precision tip provides a dramatic winged liner, for an intense finish. The product is formed to create the perfect theatrical look, with a pen that makes the application easy and smudge free. The waterproof formula makes it long lasting without pulling or skin irritation.     

  • $18.00

    A sparkling and colorful, white glitter powder for a luminous finish. The loose powder provides a high adherence, and the micro sized particles have a long endurance. The product is versatile and can be used as eye shadow, as well as it can be mixed in lotion, lip gloss or nail polish to add a lustrous shimmer.

  • $13.00

    MustaeV has created 56 single eye shadows for the individualist. The “Silver Medal” shadow has a true silver color with a pearl texture that provides a velvety smooth application. The silky textured shadow contains satin pearl particles that provide a soft shimmering sheen and picture-perfect finish. 

  • $18.00

    A non-pearl clear gloss that applies evenly and smoothly along with providing a long-lasting shine. The gloss can be used as a top layer to add shine to lipstick, or alone, depending on the desired effect. Packaged in a convenient to carry tube with a sponge tip applicator.

  • $20.00

    Complement your facial features using the Odd Pink, a cool violet color, for a healthy glow. This product provides the cooler skin tones with a natural and silky textured makeup effect.

  • $25.00

    A soft, brown-beige color created for natural shading, to sculpt and shape the face. The small particles help create an even and smooth adherence, and the long lasting effect will keep the skin looking refreshed and awake throughout the day.

  • $21.00

    A full coverage product that can be used as a foundation, concealer or as a highlighting and contouring cream base to sculpt and shape the face. The creamy textured foundation melts as it touches the skin, hiding imperfections while creating a smooth and flawless finish.

  • $33.00

    A product designed to create a radiant and picture-perfect finish. Particles that contain 70% water keep the skin hydrated while the pearl particles reflect light minimizing the appearance of imperfections and pores. 

  • $50.00

    A blush brush made of soft, deluxe natural hair that provides luxuriously soft bristles and delivers a smooth and even blush application. 

  • $30.00

    An oval shaped, medium sized brush made of soft, deluxe natural hair that is great for naturally blending eye shadow on the eye or creating depth.