Meet Giorgia from Beautifulwithbrains.com

When did you develop an interest in makeup? I've always loved makeup. As a little girl, I'd watch my mom apply her bright red nail polish and beg her to do mine as well. She always looked so glamorous with her nails done. That's what I love about makeup, its powerful to completely transform a face (or a hand!) and turn you into a sexy vamp, a sweet girl next door or anything else you want to be. It can be a great confidence booster! What inspired you to begin blogging? None of my friends were interested in makeup, so I turned online to look for other people who are as obsessed with it as I am. But I soon found out there was a lot of misinformation online. A lot of ingredients in cosmetics were gaining a bad reputation, so I decided to do my own research to discover what I was really putting on my face. Turns out, a lot of that stuff isn't as bad as we're lead to believe. That's when I decided to start my own blog, Beautiful with Brains, to share my research about ingredients and my love for all things beauty.
What is your favorite beauty product right now? Just one?! There are so many. Mmm, I'd have to say Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer kit. It hides my dark circles really well and comes with its own setting powder, so I don't have to worry about it creasing throughout the day.
What beauty product could you not live without? Mascara! It really makes your eyes pop.
If you’re in a rush and only have time to do either eyes or lips, which would you choose? Eyes. Most lipsticks/glosses barely last a couple of hours on me anyway. But, with the help of a good primer, my eye makeup makes my eyes pop all day long. Plus, playing with different eyeshadow combinations is so much fun! What is your favorite MustaeV product, and why? I really love the E31 Point Blending Brush. It's perfect to define the crease and blend out any harsh edges. It makes blending eyeshadows a breeze!
What do you look for when buying makeup? Good colour payoff, luxurious creamy texture and impressive staying power. There's nothing worse than a very sheer eyeshadow that creases on you after a couple of hours!
Do you have a beauty hack or makeup rule that you live by? I don't believe in makeup rules. Just experiment until you find what works for you. Makeup is supposed to be fun, so play away! Having said that, I have discovered a few beauty hacks during the years. My favourite is to apply concealer in a triangular shape, starting under your eyes, then down your nose and up the outer corner of your eye and then blending it out all well. If you're trying to hide dark circles, the triangle method gives you a more natural result.
What makeup trend do you love at the moment? I don't follow the trends, but I love the clean skin and bold lips looks I've seen on the fashion weeks runways. It's a great to add some fun to a polished look.
Brows on fleek or au naturel? On fleek. My eyebrows are very sparse. I need all the help I can get to give them a good, intact shape!
If you were traveling and could only bring three beauty products, what would you bring? Mascara, concealer and tinted lip balm.
Any final words or favorite quote for our readers? Have fun! Don't be afraid to experiment. You never know what works for you until you try it. And if you don't like it, you can always wash it off!