How did your career begin in the world of makeup? I started at a haunted house when I was in high school and had always done theatre but in college I started at the body shop and fell in love with makeup and skincare, but I didn't consider myself a makeup artist until I started at MAC Cosmetics in the 90s. I was part of the first wave of MAC artists when the brand was just launching in the US and MAC taught me so much. I started working with celebrities and then moved to NYC to launch Urban Decay and assist artists like Kevyn Aucoin and Dick Page. I've been doing makeup for over 20 years primarily working in fashion, celebrity and the music industry as well as education and development. 

What is your inspiration for the makeup looks you create? I find inspiration in classic films, the works of fine artists and everything around me. I love rock n roll and the women who made it real. Joan Jett, Debbie Harry, Stevie Nick's influence so much of my work.

Joan Jett. She is a mentor, a friend, someone I would call family… I am also a huge fan. She is such an inspiration in all she has done within the music industry not only in her own career, but for the career of others. After being turned down by 25 record labels, Joan Jett started the first record label in Rock called "Blackheart Records". In their first year they released multiple number one hits including "I Love Rock N Roll", "Bad Reputation" and other well-known classics. She believed in herself. She also produced other brilliant bands including "The Germs", "Bikini Kill" and "L7". She fights for what she believes in, and knows who she is. Now even her eyeliner look is signature, completely recognizable and referenced often in fashion and music. She is an icon and an amazing person.

Amy Winehouse. She was my client, friend and such a fragile, sensitive human, with an amazing talent. Her look also inspired so many, and her sound will continue to inspire for generations.

There is inspiration in every day. I also keep an eye on the direction of trend to ensure my make-up is always both timely and timeless and look to the earth and the universe for constant influence. 

What is your favorite beauty product to work with? Probably Embryolisse Lait Creme or Make Up For Ever Flash Color Case.

What is your favorite MustaeV product to work with? It's a toss-up between the mascara and the cotton powder.

Do you have any tips to create the perfect red lips? Line the lips first with a nude lip pencil to create the shape. Fill in the lip with a red shade that has the same undertone of your complexion. Finish with a blue red I'm the center of the lip to brighten the face and whiten the teeth and eyes. Use a small angled brush instead of a traditional lip brush to line and define and get a more perfect edge. Add gloss only in the center if desired. 

What current makeup trends do you love at the moment? Glossy eyes, soft matte skin and smudgey, smokey liner are three of my favorite trends for spring and summer 2017. I also love the bold use of blush and nontour look. I love that we are finally pulling away from hard, harsh contour in favor of something more flattering. 

Do you have any tips for longer thicker lashes? Use a primer like Inglot Under Makeup Base on the lashes first to give length and thickness and help to hold curl. Use a lash curler at the root of the lash and rotate the curler up until the metal curve is parallel to the crease of the eye and then press, pulse and release. This will give you great curl. Use a small fan brush to apply mascara for more control and work it into the root for a longer looking lash. 

Nude lips and dark eyes or nude eyes and dark lips? I am a fan of both.

What is your secret to long lasting makeup and keeping makeup camera ready for extended periods of time? Use a few spritzes of setting spray on a large powder brush or blending sponge between each application to help hold them in place longer.

How do you create the perfect flush of color on the cheeks for a natural look? Placement is crucial with blush. Add a red or pink tone to the apple of the cheek and keep your warmer peach, orange or coral shades to the higher point of the cheekbone to give heat. Blend a bit of foundation over it for a blush that looks like it's flushing through the skin. 

Do you have any tricks on how to apply the perfect winged liner? With clients like Joan Jett and Amy Winehouse I am the king of winged liner. Start by drawing your line in taupe shadow. Follow the angle from the bottom lash towards the eyebrow for your desired distance then work back towards the top lash. Trace over your taupe shadow line with liner gel or liquid liner. After it sets bring a black shadow over it for a more dimensional and memorable winged liner look. 

Do you have a makeup rule that you live by? Create your own rules. 

What are the secrets of creating glowing, healthy-looking skin? Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize and use foundation shades to add depth and dimension as well as matching the complexion.

Can you share with us a make-up tip that never fails? Beauty is about balance. Find a focal point in your makeup and focus on that favorite feature then balance it at the other end of the face.
Any final words or favorite quote for our readers? A few

When I use my strength in the service of my vision it makes no difference whether or not I am afraid. 
― Audre Lorde

I will not retire while I've still got my legs and my makeup box.” 
― Bette Davis