When did you develop an interest in makeup? Believe or not, I didn’t use to wear any makeup when I was in high school. I was probably one of the few girls that didn’t even wear mascara or lip gloss to school. By the time I was in college I was more focused on my skincare routine rather than makeup as I always felt a beautiful complexion and healthy looking skin is more important than makeup. Only at the age of 25 I started wearing foundation and a full face makeup, but that was only when I went to work. My passion for makeup grew when I started blogging and discovered so many brands and products and that was around the age of 27, late I know.
What inspired you to begin blogging? I must admit my story is totally different than most bloggers and quite unusual. Back then in 2008 here in Romania blogging was an uncharted territory and all the bloggers I knew and followed were from the U.S. I knew right from the beginning I wanted to have an international blog where my visitors would be able to discover beauty brands from all over the world. I used to travel a lot back then and that had a major impact on growing my blog and talking about brands and products that were not even available in my country. Before I took up blogging I did research for months, even picking a name took me a few weeks, but that was because I was determined to be a pro-blogger right from the beginning and make blogging my full time job.
What is your favorite beauty product right now? I’m currently hooked on highlighters and blurring face powders. These days I’m wearing as less makeup as possible when I’m going out and instead of applying foundation I like to use Diorskin Nude Air Colour Gradation blurring powder which gives me a soft glow while keeping my complexion shine-free for the entire day.
What beauty product could you not live without? That’s an easy question… That would be mascara and my all-time favorite is MustaeV Maxi-Volume Mascara. No matter how many mascaras I’m testing and discovering, I always return to this one. I feel incomplete when I run out of it and my friends already know I’m obsessed with this product. It’s definitely one of the few mascaras I’ve tried that can give you natural looking lashes for a day look or voluptuous, fat and long lashes for a more sophisticated look. You can use up to three coats and it will never give you spider lashes.
If you’re in a rush and only have time to do either eyes or lips, which would you choose? I would definitely go for the eyes and apply two coats of MustaeV Maxi Volume Mascara, draw a fine line with an eye pencil or eyeliner if I had the time, but I won’t say I won’t cheat and use a lip gloss when I’m in the elevator or in my car at the first red light.
What is your favorite MustaeV product, and why? I guess you already know my answer from a previous question, but I do admit that after the Maxi-Volume Mascara, my second favorite is Face Architect Powder Blush in Odd Pink. I remember that when I first got this product I kept it on my makeup table for weeks, swatching it a couple of times a day just because I was hooked on its super silky texture. It was really addictive for me to keep feeling that soft, silky powder…like never I encountered before in a powder blush.
What do you look for when buying makeup? I think I may give a blogger’s answer at this question…and that’s because after so many years of being a beauty pro-blogger most of my purchases are influenced by what my readers would like to see and have me review. Whenever I go shopping for makeup, I’m thinking of my readers and I’m looking for newly launched products that I know they requested. Either limited editions, new entries or reformulated products, it doesn’t matter as long as I keep asking myself “Would my readers be interested in this kind of product. Would they want me to review it?”. I do admit I’m drawn to a pretty packaging or dashing patter on a powder or blush and I just buy it for my pleasure sometimes even though I know it has bad reviews.
Do you have a beauty hack or makeup rule that you live by? No, I don’t think I have one in particular, but I do always follow “less is more” when it comes to a full face makeup. I guess wearing something pink is what it always defines my makeup looks.
What makeup trend do you love at the moment? I don’t always find myself loving a certain makeup trend as I like to do my own thing and be inspired by the things I love the most. This year I’m more drawn towards the WARM trend which is the most feminine and where artists apply heated shades in soft washes and tints which are designed to enhance and mimic really great skin condition. I’m lucky to have beautiful skin or perhaps I just had a rigorous skincare routine since I was a teenager.
Brows on fleek or au naturel? My brows are probably the one feature that I’m not really proud of. They are very short and slim and even though I always reached out to specialists when it came to pluck and style them, they never seemed to grow as much as I needed them to. I do prefer more natural looking brows, just a touch of MustaeV Silky Sketch Brown Pencil and I’m good to go.
If you were traveling and could only bring three beauty products, what would you bring? Mascara, lip gloss and blurring face powder. That’s actually what I’m wearing on a casual day anyway.

Any final words or favorite quote for our readers? I’m always thankful for having such a beautiful community of lovely readers. They always have supported me through my hardest times and understood me when I had my reasons for not being able to blog for a few months. They are the best and I’m forever thankful for each and every one of my readers. They inspire me every day, they encourage me with their comments, e-mails and messages and they are a constant reminder of why I love being a full time blogger.