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  • $31.00

    This brush is perfect for applying shadow in a wide area. The brush enhances pigmentation and is effective at blending powder due to the soft, taut quality of the bristles.

  • $29.00

    A mini shadow brush made of soft, deluxe sable hair that is effective for detailed eye makeup along the edges of the eye or blending eye liner.  Use this brush to create a defined look or fill the lash line for the appearance of fuller lashes.

  • $33.50

    A small shadow brush perfect for applying intense color and for precision applications due to its size and soft, elastic bristles.

  • $36.50

    A medium sized shadow brush with a round tip made of the most deluxe soft, sable hair is effective at applying or blending eye shadow.  With soft, elastic bristles, you can create naturally beautiful makeup.

  • $43.50

    A shadow brush made of the most soft, deluxe hair perfect for applying shadow base or shadow in a wide area due to its size. The brush is effective at blending powder due to the soft, taut quality of the bristles.

  • $20.00

    A product designed for filling in the hairline with a darker shade, to give the impression of a fuller head of hair. The short handle gives a stern grip, and the short brush hairs create a depth to the outline of the face.Color : SO PINK, THE CHOCOLATE

  • $17.00

    A dome-shaped brush made with high quality hair. Its purpose is to create a perfectly blended smoky eye look, and is useful for shading around the edges of the eyes.Color : SO PINK, THE CHOCOLATE

  • $25.00

    A flat, round, and not to mention mid-sized foundation brush created for a good grip whilst blending liquid and cream products effortlessly. The brush hairs consistency leaves a natural looking coverage with a flawless finish. Color : SO PINK, THE CHOCOLATE

  • $37.00

    A round brush with abundant, natural hair. The shape is designed to fit the contours of the face, creating an even surface and a radiant finish. Color : SO PINK, THE CHOCOLATE

  • $15.00

    The applicator contains small brush hairs to ensure a proportion, which fits neatly underneath the eye. The tapered edge covers small defects in the skin. Color : SO PINK, THE CHOCOLATE

  • $25.00

    This product contains soft angled goat hair, for a complete and defined finish. It is perfect for highlighting and contouring. Color : SO PINK, THE CHOCOLATE

  • $15.00

    A firm brush with short, angled hairs to fill in sparse brows and shape the brows for the desired effect. The blend of Ox hairs and Taklon gives more room for access powder; little product will be needed for the natural finish.Color : SO PINK, THE CHOCOLATE

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