Perfect Cheekbones in under 2 minutes!

Perfect Cheekbones in under 2 minutes!
Product: MustaeV Face Architect Powder in Colors Light on & Silhouette. 

Counturting has been a beauty secret of the stars for far too long, but is now the  makeup trend everyone is talking about! You just have to find the right products that work with your beauty routine—and blend like you've never blended before. MustaeV Face Architect Powder is a perfect tool for contouring, highlighting and accentuating those prominent facial features that makes you you!

Created with a skin friendly formula and soft pigments, the soft textured powder keeps the skin from feeling dry.
The Sebum control powder keeps the makeup fresh all day long.
Coating pigment protects the color from changing due to sweating and other external factors,
keeping the makeup looking lively all day.


How to use

1. Apply the Light On Face Architect Powder with the Kowonhye Highlighter Brush on the cheekbones, eyelids and temples to define your features.

2. Use the Kowonhye Shading Brush to apply Silhouette Face Architect Powder to Cheekbones, temples and under the jaw.
This will enhance your features and slupt the natural lines of your face.
Adding contour to the forehead/hair line and temples will help to shadow around that area and create the appearance of a smaller forehead.